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Your network contains an Active Directory domain named contoso.com. The domain contains three servers named Server1, Server4 and Server5 that run Windows Server 2016 - Exam4Training

Your network contains an Active Directory domain named contoso.com. The domain contains three servers named Server1, Server4 and Server5 that run Windows Server 2016


Your network contains an Active Directory domain named contoso.com. The domain contains three servers named Server1, Server4 and Server5 that run Windows Server 2016.

Distributed File System (DFS) is deployed as shown in the DFS Configuration exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.)

You configure the replication schedule for \Contoso.comNamespace1Folder1 as shown in the Replication Schedule exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.)

Use the drop-down menus to select the answer choice that completes each statement based on the information presented in the graphics.


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