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What should you do? - Exam4Training

What should you do?

Note: This question is part of a series of questions that use the same scenario. For your convenience, the scenario is repeated in each question. Each question presents a different goal and answer choices, but the text of the scenario is exactly the same in each question in this series.

Your network contains an Active Directory domain named The functional level of the domain is Windows Server 2012.

The network uses an address space of and contains multiple subnets.

The network is not connected to the Internet.

The domain contains three servers configured as shown in the following table.

Client computers obtain TCP/IP settings from Server3.

You add a second network adapter to Server2. You connect the new network adapter to the Internet. You install the Routing role service on Server2.

Server1 has four DNS zones configured as shown in the following table.

You need to ensure that when a record is added dynamically to, only the computer that created the record can modify the record. The solution must allow administrators to modify all of the records in

What should you do?
A . Change to an Active Directory-integrated zone.
B . Raise the functional level of the domain.
C . Modify the security settings of the file.
D . Modify the Start of Authority (SOA) settings of

Answer: A


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