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Which three remaining properties should you add to the rule? - Exam4Training

Which three remaining properties should you add to the rule?

You manage a Windows Server 2016 software-defined network.

Network Controller is installed on a three-node domain-joined cluster of virtual machines.

You need to add a new access control list (ACL) for the network controller to the network interface on a tenant virtual machine. The ACL will have only one rule that prevents only outbound traffic from the subnet.

You plan to run the following Windows PowerShell commands.

$ruleproperties = new-object Microsoft.Windows.NetworkController.AclRuleProperties

$ruleproperties.SourcePortRange = “0-65535”

$ruleproperties.DestinationPortRange = “0-65535”

$ruleproperties.Action = “Deny”

$ruleproperties.Priority = “100”

$ruleproperties.Type = “Outbound”

$ruleproperties.Logging = “Enabled”

Which three remaining properties should you add to the rule? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. (Choose three.)

NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
A . $ruleproperties.SourceAddressPrefix = “”
B . $ruleproperties.DestinationAddressPrefix = “”
C . $ruleproperties.Protocol = “ALL”
D . $ruleproperties.Protocol = “TCP”
E . $ruleproperties.SourceAddressPrefix = “*”
F . $ruleproperties.DestinationAddressPrefix = “*”

Answer: ACF

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