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You have 2000 devices, One hundred of the devices are mobile devices that have physical addresses beginning with 98-5F. - Exam4Training

You have 2000 devices, One hundred of the devices are mobile devices that have physical addresses beginning with 98-5F.

You have 2000 devices, One hundred of the devices are mobile devices that have physical addresses beginning with 98-5F.

You have a DHCP server named Server1.

You need to ensure that the mobile devices register their host name by using a DNS suffix of
A . From the properties of Scopte1, Modify the Conflict detection attempts setting.
B . From the properties of Scope1, Configure Name Protection.
C . From the Properties of IPV4, configure the bindings.
D . From IPV4, create a new filter.
E . From the properties of Scope1, create an exclusion range.
F . From IPv4, run the DHCP Policy Configuration Wizard.
G . From Control Panel, modify the properties of Ethernet.
H . From Scope1, create a reservation

Answer: F

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