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Which action can you perform on the network by using IPAM? - Exam4Training

Which action can you perform on the network by using IPAM?

Your network contains an Active Directory domain named contoso.com that contains a domain controller named DC1. All DNS servers for the network run BIND 10.

Your perimeter network contains a DHCP server named DHCP1 that runs Windows Server 2016. DHCP1 is a member of a workgroup named WORKGROUP. DHCP1 provides IP address leases to guests accessing the Wi-Fi network.

Several engineers access the network remotely by using a VPN connection to a remote access server that runs Windows Server 2016. All of the VPN connections use certificate-based authentication and are subject to access policies in Network Policy Server (NPS). Certificates are issued by an enterprise certification authority (CA) named CA1.

All Windows computers on the network are activated by using Key Management Service (KMS). On-premises users use Remote Desktop Services (RDS).

You plan to deploy IP Address Management (IPAM) to the network.

Which action can you perform on the network by using IPAM?
A . Manage the DNS zones on the DNS servers.
B . Audit logon events on the RDS server.
C . Audit authentication events from DC1.
D . Manage activations on the KMS server.

Answer: C

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