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Does this meet the goal? - Exam4Training

Does this meet the goal?

Note: This question is part of a series of questions that present the same scenario. Each question in the series contains a unique solution that might meet the stated goals. Some questions sets might have more than one correct solutions, while others might not have a correct solution.

After you answer a question in this section, you will NOT be able to return to it. As a result, these questions will not appear in the review screen.

Your network contains an Active Directory forest named contoso.com. The forest has three sites located in London, Paris and Berlin.

The London site contains a web server named Web1 that runs Windows Server 2016.

You need to configure Web1 as an HTTP content server for the hosted cache servers located in the Paris and Berlin sites.

Solution: You install the DFS Replication role service, and then you start the Network Connections service.

Does this meet the goal?
A . Yes
B . No

Answer: B

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