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Which four cmdlets should you run in sequence? - Exam4Training

Which four cmdlets should you run in sequence?


You have a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2016.

You need to deploy the first cluster node of a Network Controller cluster.

Which four cmdlets should you run in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate cmdlets from the list of cmdlets to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.



Deploy Network Controller using Windows PowerShell

Step 1: Install-WindowsFeature

Install the Network Controller server role

To install Network Controller by using Windows PowerShell, type the following commands at a Windows PowerShell prompt, and then press ENTER.

Install-WindowsFeature -Name NetworkController CIncludeManagementTools

Step 2: New-NetworkControllerNodeObject

You can create a Network Controller cluster by creating a node object andthen configuring the cluster.

You need to create a node object for each computer or VM that is a member of the Network Controller cluster.

Tocreate a node object, type the following command at the Windows PowerShell command prompt, and then press ENTER. Ensure that you add values for each parameter that are appropriate for your deployment.

New-NetworkControllerNodeObject CName <string> -Server<String> -FaultDomain <string>-RestInte

Step 3: Install-NetworkControllerCluster

To configure the cluster, typethe following command at the Windows PowerShell command prompt, and then press ENTER. Ensure that you add values for each parameter that are appropriate for your deployment.

Install-NetworkControllerCluster CNode <NetworkControllerNode[]>CClusterAuthentication …

Step 4: Install-NetworkController

To configure the Network Controller application, type the following command at the Windows PowerShell command prompt, and then press ENTER. Ensure that you add values for each parameter that are appropriate for your deployment.

Install-NetworkController CNode <NetworkControllerNode[]> CClientAuthentication


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