Which Windows PowerShell cmdlet should you run?

A company uses Skype for Business Online. You use contoso.com as the verified domain name for the Office 365 tenant. Users conduct Skype online meetings. You add fabricam.com to the tenant and configure the tenant to use this domain name.

You need to ensure that all Skype online meeting URLs contain the new domain name.

Which Windows PowerShell cmdlet should you run?
A . Update-CsTenantMeetingUrl
B . Set-CsMeetingConfiguration
C . Set-CsUser
D . Set-CsMeetingRoom
E . New-CsSimpleURL

Answer: E


The New-CsSimpleURL command Creates a new simpleURL, which can then be added to a simple URL configuration collection. Simple URLs make it easier for users to join meetings and conferences, and also make it easier for administrators to log on to the Skype for Business Server Control Panel.

Example: Theexample shows how a new URL can be added to an existing collection of simple URLs. To begin with, the first command in the example uses the New-CsSimpleUrlEntry cmdlet to create a URL entry that points to https://meet.fabrikam.com; this URL entry is stored in a variable named $urlEntry.

In the second command, the New-CsSimpleUrl cmdlet is used to create an in-memory-only instance of a simple URL. In this example, the URL Component is set to Meet; the domain is set to fabrikam.com; the ActiveUrl is set to https://meet.fabrikam.com; and the SimpleUrl property is set to $urlEntry, with $urlEntry being the URL entry created in the first command.

After the URL has been created (and stored in the object reference $simpleUrl) the final command in the example addsthe new URL to the simple URL collection for the Redmond site. This is doneby using the Set-CsSimpleUrlConfiguration cmdlet, the SimpleUrl parameter, and the parameter value @{Add=$simpleUrl}. This syntax causes the URL stored in the object reference $simpleUrl to be added to the SimpleUrl property.

$urlEntry = New-CsSimpleUrlEntry -Url "https://meet.fabrikam.com"

$simpleUrl = New-CsSimpleUrl -Component "meet" -Domain "fabrikam.com" -SimpleUrlEntry $urlEntry -ActiveUrl "https://meet.fabrikam.com"

Set-CsSimpleUrlConfiguration -Identity "site:Redmond" -SimpleUrl @{Add=$simpleUrl}

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