What should you do?

You need to implement logic in the app for lost sales.

What should you do?
A . Create a business process flow.
B . Define a business rule for the Sales Log edit form.
C . Set the required field property of the Won/Lost field to Required.
D . Create a formula for the Description field that uses the Update function.

Answer: B


Scenario: Requests for quotes are currently stored in a Sales Log workbook.

The workbook includes the following information:

✑ Status of the Request for Quote (RFQ) with the values of Won, Lost, No Bid, and Cancelled

Salespeople often do not set status of RFQs in the Sales Log to Won when a sale is closed and the customer purchase order is received.

You can create business rules and recommendations to apply logic and validations without writing code or creating plug-ins. Business rules provide a simple interface to implement and maintain fast-changing and commonly used rules.

Business rules defined for an entity apply to both canvas apps and model-driven apps if the entity is used in the app.

Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powerapps/maker/common-data-service/data-platform-create-business-rule

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