Does the solution meet the goal?

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You are creating a canvas app.

You need to automatically detect bicycles in pictures taken with the camera.

Proposed solution:

✑ Create an Object Detection custom model in AI Builder.

✑ Train the model with pictures of bicycles and then publish the trained model.

✑ Add the Object Detector control to your canvas app.

Does the solution meet the goal?
A . Yes
B . No

Answer: A


To train an object detection model to recognize your objects, you have to gather images that contain those objects.

The first thing you’ll do when you create an AI Builder object detection model is to define its domain.

Upload images

Then Train and publish your object detection model

The object detector component takes a photo or loads an image file to do an object detection scan. On a mobile device, the user chooses between taking a photo or selecting one already available in the device user interface. When an image is selected, the component automatically scans it to identify objects.


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