Which two commands should you run?

You have a server that runs Windows Server 2016.

The server contains a storage pool named Pool! Pool1 contains five physical disks named Disk1, Disk2, Disk3, Disk4. and Disk5.

A virtual disk named VirtualDisk1 is stored in pool1. VirtualDisk1 uses the panty storage layout

Disk3 fails

You need to remove Disk3 from Pool1.

Which two commands should you run? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A . Update-StoragePool CFriendlyName Pool1
B . Set-ResiliencySetting CStoragePool Pool1 CPhysicalDiskRedundancyDefault 4
C . Reset-PhysicalDisk CFriendlyName Disk3
D . Set-PhysicalDisk CFriendlyName Disk3 CUsage Retired
E . Remove-PhysicalDisk CFriendlyName Disk3

Answer: B, E

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