Topic 1, Exam Set A

Topic 1, Exam Set A


You manage an Azure Service Bus for your company. You plan to enable access to the Azure Service Bus for an application named ContosoLOB.

You need to create a new shared access policy for subscriptions and queues that has the following requirements:

• Receives messages from a queue

• Deadletters a message

• Defers a message for later retrieval

• Enumerates subscriptions

• Gets subscription description

In the table below, identify the permission you need to assign to ensure that ContosoLOB is able to accomplish the above requirements. Make only one selection in each column.



For Service Bus, the three permission claims are ‘Send’ for all send operations, ‘Listen’ to open up listeners or receive messages, and ‘Manage’ to observe or manage the state of the Service Bus tenant.

To receive a message from a queue we need to have Listen access level.

To numerate subscriptions, we need to have the manage access level.


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