As a Product Owner, how can you help the stakeholders to agree?

You’re a Product Owner of a product with multiple stakeholders. During a meeting with them, you observe that the stakeholders are unable to come to an agreement on the target users and the primary vision of the product.

As a Product Owner, how can you help the stakeholders to agree?
A . Work with the stakeholders to write the requirements before forming the Scrum Team.
B. Work with the primary stakeholder to create the Product Backlog items and vote.
C. Run experiments and gather market insights iteratively and incrementally. Share the results of the experiments with the stakeholders.
D. Ask the Developers to start working on the infrastructure and architecture while you define the
requirements with the stakeholders.

Answer: C


Complex products require experimentation, learning, transparency, inspection, and adaptation. Empiricism asserts that knowledge comes from experience and making decisions based on what is observed. There is no singular method that leads to guaranteed success. The outcomes of earlier experiments play a crucial role in making product decisions and deciding on the direction. Short feedback loops from having an idea to gathering user feedback will improve business agility. Ultimately, the market response will define the value of the work being done. We want short iterations to learn fast if we are building the right thing. If we fail in a short iteration, the impact and deviation are low but the learning is high, we can take corrective action and have opportunities to fix it. If we fail in a long iteration, the impact and cost of fixing it are much higher.

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