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1. Which KVM is used to measure the total time needed to sketch an idea or improvement, build it, deliver it to users, and learn from their usage?

2. When using an Agile approach, it is expected and beneficial to change the plan frequently based on the feedback received from customers or stakeholders.

3. At least one representative of the Agile Managers should attend the Scrum Events of the Scrum Teams to make sure they are going as expected.

4. Which of these metrics is the strongest signal that a company is doing business with agility?

5. You are part of a Scrum Team with 10 members located in the same city. The office has many conference rooms, but most of them are designed for 5 people or less.

How can this affect your team?

6. Mario is a very proactive Product Owner and cares a lot about the Scrum Team. He writes the requirements, tests the product himself once development is complete, and validates that it conforms to the Definition of Done. Mario tells the team how much work they will need to be able to complete in the next iteration based on his vision, experience, and skills.

What would you say about Mario?

7. You are an Agile Manager and you have a new Product idea to develop, but you don't have a Scrum Team for it. It is your responsibility to use some unassigned professionals within the company and hire new team members for the new Scrum Teams that will build from the new Product. You have a lot of experience in assigning team members and hiring.

How would you decide which member will be on which team?

8. What practices in a company can make the transition from waterfall to Agile difficult?

9. A Scrum Team is self-managing, meaning internally decides who does what, when, and how. Therefore, the team has complete freedom to decide how it works.

10. In order to reward high performing teams with a bonus, an organization's head of delivery has asked managers to compare Scrum Teams to identify the best Agile Teams.

Which of the following statements is true?


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