Which type of storage should you use to store the images?

You are designing an Azure application that processes graphical image files. The graphical Images are processed in batches by remote applications that run on multiple servers.

You have the following requirements:

*The application must remain operational during batch-processing operations.

*Users must be able to roll back each image to a previous version.

You need to ensure that each remote application has exclusive access to an image while the application processes the image.

Which type of storage should you use to store the images?
A . Table service
B . Queue service
C . Blob service
D . A single Azure VHD that is attached to the web role

Answer: C


* Blob Leases allow you to claim ownership to a Blob. Once you have the lease you can then update the Blob or delete the Blob without worrying about another process changing it underneath you. When a Blob is leased, other processes can still read it, but any attempt to update it will fail. You can update Blobs without taking a lease first, but you do run the chance of another process also attempting to modify it at the same time.

* You can opt to use either optimistic or pessimistic concurrency models to manage access to blobs and containers in the blob service.

Explanation: http://justazure.com/azure-blob-storage-part-8-blob-leases/


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