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Which DAX expression should you use?

You have a sales system that contains the tables shown in the following table.

The Date table is marked as a date table.

DatelD is the date data type. You need to create an annual sales growth percentage measure.

Which DAX expression should you use?
A . SUM(sales[sales_amount]) – CALCULATE(SUM(sales[sales_amount]), SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR(‘Date'[DateID])
B . (SUM(‘Sales’[sales_amount]) – CALCULATE(SUM(‘Sales’[sales_amount]), SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR(‘Date’[DateID])))
/ CALCULATE(SUM(‘Sales’[sales_amount]), SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR(‘Date’[DateID]))

C . CALCULATE(SUM(sales[sales_amount]), DATESYTD(‘Date’[DateID]))
D . CALCULATE(SUM(sales[sales_amount]), SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR(‘Date’[DateID]))

Answer: B


SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR returns a table that contains a column of dates shifted one year back in time from the dates in the specified dates column, in the current context.

Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dax/sameperiodlastyear-function-dax

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