Which option can be configured to accomplish this?

A manager tells the network engineer to permit only certain VLANs across a specific trunk interface.

Which option can be configured to accomplish this?
A . allowed VLAN list
B . VTP pruning
D . L2P tunneling

Answer: A


When a trunk link is established, all of the configured VLANs are allowed to send and receive traffic across the link. VLANs 1 through 1005 are allowed on each trunk by default.

However, VLAN traffic can be removed from the allowed list. This keeps traffic from the VLANs from passing over the trunk link. Note: The allowed VLAN list on both the ends of the trunk link should be the same. For Integrated Cisco IOS Software based switches, perform these steps: 1.To restrict the traffic that a trunk carries, issue the switchport trunk vlan-list interface configuration command. This removes specific VLANs from the allowed list.

Reference: https://supportforums.cisco.com/document/11836/how-define-vlans-allowed-trunk- link

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