What is the test way for Elsa to create a self-managing team?

Eisa is a Project Manager of a team that is currently not yet self-managing. Elsa selects tasks that play to the strengths of her team members. The team is fun and highly productive.

Sanjit is a Developer Whenever issues arise the team members ask Sanjit what they should do. He has a dominant personality finds it easy to make decisions and he is not too often wrong. The other team members find. It easier to let him decide than argue even if they have other and sometimes better ideas. They avoid discussions as a team

The company now wants to adopt Scrum Elsa is trained and will become the new Scrum Master She will have to make sure the team becomes self-managing

What is the test way for Elsa to create a self-managing team?
A . Ask if the team members can be redistributed over other Scrum teams (or now Train Sanjit to become a Product Owner so that he can still make many decisions
B. Remove team members and replace them with team members experienced in Scrum Make sure Sanjit knows his place as a Developer and ask him to keep quiet
C. Take over the decision-making role until the team is trained in Scrum events
Ask Sanjit to leave the team to allow discussion between the other team members
D. Train the team in Scrum events discussing together and the Agile mindset Help Sanjit become a source of information instead of a source of decisions

Answer: D

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