What was the average weight for Badminton in Russia?

Using the atheletes table:

i) Create a sheet with a crosstab showing the Average weight for each sport (Sheet 1)

ii) Create a sheet with a Map showing the Total number of gold medals per Country. Use size as a Mark. (Sheet 2)

Now, Create a Dashboard containing both these sheets, and Use Sheet 2 as a Filter for Sheet 1.

What was the average weight for Badminton in Russia? (Ignore any nulls / unknowns)
A . 76.25
B. 65.67
C. 68.77
D. 4.87

Answer: A


Pretty common question on the Tableau Desktop Specialist exam.

1) First, lets create Sheet 1. For this, drag sport to the Row shelf, and Weight to the Text mark in the Marks shelf. Change its aggregation to Average:

2) Now, for sheet 2 – Drag nationality to the view, and gold to the size mark in the Marks shelf.

NOTE: Depending on your version of Tableau, you may need to assign a Geographical role to the nationality column first as follows:

3) Now, let’s create a dashboard, and use both these sheets in it:

4) Now, for the most Important step, use SHEET 2 AS A FILTER FOR SHEET 1 as follows:

Now simply click on Russia in Sheet 2, and Sheet 1 will automatically update as follows:

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