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What action will the worker node automatically perform to restore access to the black-holed subnet? - Exam4Training

What action will the worker node automatically perform to restore access to the black-holed subnet?

An Amazon Web Services (AWS) auto-scale FortiGate cluster has just experienced a scale-down event, terminating a FortiGate in availability zone C.

This has now black-holed the private subnet in this availability zone.

What action will the worker node automatically perform to restore access to the black-holed subnet?
A . The worker node applies a route table from a non-black-holed subnet to the black-holed subnet.
B . The worker node moves the virtual IP of the terminated FortiGate to a running FortiGate on the worker node’s private subnet interface.
C . The worker node modifies the route table applied to the black-holed subnet changing its default route to point to a running FortiGate on the worker node’s private subnet interface.
D . The worker node migrates the subnet to a different availability zone.

Answer: D

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