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How many public and private subnets will you need to configure within the VPC? - Exam4Training

How many public and private subnets will you need to configure within the VPC?

You have been tasked with deploying FortiGate VMs in a highly available topology on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

The requirements for your deployment are as follows:

• You must deploy two FortiGate VMs in a single virtual private cloud (VPC), with an external elastic load balancer which will distribute ingress traffic from the internet to both FortiGate VMs in an active-active topology.

• Each FortiGate VM must have two elastic network interfaces: one will connect to a public subnet and other will connect to a private subnet.

• To maintain high availability, you must deploy the FortiGate VMs in two different availability zones.

How many public and private subnets will you need to configure within the VPC?
A . One public subnet and two private subnets
B . Two public subnets and one private subnet
C . Two public subnets and two private subnets
D . One public subnet and one private subnet

Answer: A

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