VMware 5V0-32.19 VMware Cloud Provider Specialist Exam 2019 Online Training

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1. What are the two primary use cases of VMware vCloud Availability for vCloud Director solution set? (Choose two.)

2. A system administrator is adding new compute resources to an existing VMware vCloud Director installation.

Which two types of compute resources can be consumed by VMware vCloud Director version 9.1 for the capacity expansion? (Choose two.)

3. Which benefit does the VMware Cloud on AWS 1-node option in VMware Cloud Provider Hub provide?

4. Which VMware vCenter role is needed to access and configure properties pertaining to identity providers?

5. A cloud administrator creates a new organization virtual data center which meets these customer requirements:

- The customer wants to heavily over-commit CPU

- The customer requires mainly static workloads

- The customer requires to know how many resources are guaranteed to them

- The customer requires guaranteed resources at all times

Which allocation model meets these requirements?

6. Which three Linux distributions are supported as the base operating system used for a VMware vCloud Director installation? (Choose three.)

7. Which VXLAN replication mode requires the deployment of NSX Controllers?

8. Which statement is true about how NSX Manager functions with VMware vCloud Director 9.1?

9. Which resource can be added to a provider virtual data center using VMware vCloud Director?

10. Which device provides connectivity between one or more VMware vCloud Director external networks and one or more organization networks?

11. Which vSphere capability assigns storage to VMware vCloud Director?

12. What is the benefit of a Data Center Extension inside of VMware vCloud Director Extender?

13. Which two actions are functions of the Cloud Provider Pod Solution? (Choose two.)

14. A system administrator recommends a role-based access control implementation which meets these requirements:

- Permission to download a vApp template as on OVF package

- Permission to view catalog items

- Permission to view all VDCs in the organization

- Permission to create or update vApp object metadata in the vCenter domain

Which role meets these requirements while giving the lowest possible permissions to the user?

15. VMware vCloud Usage Meter can meter how many vCenter instances?

16. A Provider administrator deploys VMware vCloud Usage Meter and attempts to add a vCenter instance for metering purposes. This error is generated: There was a problem checking the certificate for vcenter.corp.local:443. Unable to connect with vcenter.corp.local on port 443: Connection timed out.

What is the probable cause of this issue?

17. What is the VMware recommended best practice to scale vCloud Director cells?

18. How does a VMware NSX distributed firewall function within a VMware vCloud Director environment?

19. A VMware service provider must run non-vCloud Director managed virtual machines in the same cluster as VMware vCloud Director managed virtual machines.

In accordance with the best practices, which vCenter object should the provider virtual data reference?

20. A customer is planning to migrate VMs from the on-premises data center to the organization virtual data center in VMware vCloud Director. Due to the size and number of VMs to be migrated, the customer is unable to migrate all of the VMs in the same migration window. Some of the migration targets are required to maintain IP addresses and same broadcast domain to on-premises VMs during the migration.

Which Virtual Private Networking service will meet the customer needs?


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