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Vmware 1V0-81.20 Associate VMware Security Online Training - Exam4Training

Vmware 1V0-81.20 Associate VMware Security Online Training

According to the research of the past exams and answers, Exam4Training provide you the latest Vmware 1V0-81.20 Associate VMware Security Online Training, which have have a very close similarity with real exam. Exam4Training can promise that you can 100% pass your first time to attend Vmware certification 1V0-81.20 exam.Through Exam4Training you can get the latest Vmware 1V0-81.20 Associate VMware Security Online Training. Please purchase it earlier, it can help you pass your Associate VMware Security exam in the first time to participate in the VCTA-SEC 2021 1V0-81.20 exam.

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1. When using VMware Carbon Black Live Response, what command will show all active processes?

2. Which three are key features of VMware Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR? (Choose three.)

3. In Workspace ONE UEM, from which menu would you access Workspace ONE Intelligence?

4. Which option would be considered an example of aHardware Based Exploit?

5. Which three default connectors are available in Workspace ONE Intelligence to execute automation actions? (Choose three.)

6. If the Compromised Protection switch is enabled in Workspace ONE UEM, what is the

expected behavior on compromised devices in the environment?

7. Refer to the exhibit.

From theVMware Carbon Black Cloud console, what page do you go to after clicking the Non-Malware bar in the Potentially Suspicious Activity chart?

8. Which three Workspace ONE UEM capabilities are used to configure security policies on Windows 10 desktops? (Choose three.)

9. What is the default user’s network range when creating a new access policy rule in Workspace ONE Access?

10. Which three common mitigations for social engineering attacks? (Choose three.)


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