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1. Which of the following statements best describes data extraction?

2. Which of the following is NOT an element of the system development life cycle?

3. K manages the finance function of a cable manufacturing business In order to cope with an increasingly diverse workload K needs human resources to recruit someone with a digital mindset.

Which THREE of the following individual charactenstics should K emphasise to human resources as important in finding the right candidate?

4. Company Q is a relatively small company but expanding quickly. In this period of rapid growth it feels that now is the time to add a Human Resource presence and support, but does not wish to add a permanent department within the organisational structure.

What is the best option for Company Q?

5. Workforce flexibility takes a number of different forms.

Which of the following achieves flexibility where employees have the ability to move between tasks as and when required by the organisation?

6. Which of the following would specifically be an example of the use of the marketing concept by a charity?

7. Appraisal systems involve the collection of feedback on an individual's performance from a range of sources.

Which of the following sources apply to 180-degree appraisal? Select THREE sources that apply.

8. Which of the following statements regarding shamrock organisations are true?

1: Shamrock organisations typically comprise four discrete components.

2: The core group of executives are often supported by external contractors and part-time staff.

3: One of the main characteristics of a shamrock organisation is its flexibility.

9. The Finance function of XZY company, which is based in the UK. are planning how they can minimise the corporation tax costs

Which of the following is correct?

10. Which TWO of the following statements are NOT aims of a reward system?


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