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1. M plc is an IT company that bids for large contracts to sell computer systems and also to service existing systems. M plc's senior management has always set budgets which are hard to achieve and have made no allowances for the recession.

The economy has improved and M plc's senior managers have made the budget even more optimistic. The budgeted sales target has been increased by 40%.

In the past, sales staff have not tried to achieve the budget sales because it was generally believed that the targets were impossible to reach.

M plc has recently appointed a new Sales Director who has decided that sales staff will be dismissed if they fail to meet sales targets for three successive months. He is also looking for higher sales margins than were achieved before.

What are the likely consequences of the new Sales Director's policy?


The internal audit department should always give a report at the end of its audit. This report is intended to be useful and help the company going forward. The report should always include any recommendations for improvements.

Which of the following statements are true and which are false?

3. SDF is a quoted company.

Which of the following matters should normally be dealt with by SDF's audit committee?

4. Risk management involves all parties in an organisation.

Which of the following describe the Board's responsibilities for risk management?

5. You have just been appointed Financial Controller of Y, a marketing consultancy.

You are in a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Y, and have been discussing the need for a major upgrade of all the information systems throughout Y, as they are all very old.

Knowing that major change should be managed effectively, you have suggested that Y should have a 'systems steering committee'.

Advise the CEO which of the following should be included in the terms of reference of the steering committee.

6. YGH has recently completed a post completion audit on a five year contract that has only recently come to a conclusion. The main finding was that the project delivered most of the expected benefits, but that it cost significantly more to implement than had been anticipated at the project appraisal stage. YGH would not have proceeded if the true cost had been known at that stage.

The project was the responsibility of the production department, which is presently managed by G.

When the project was proposed, the production department was managed by H. H is now YGH's Director of Operations.

How should the finding from this post completion audit be interpreted?

7. W plc is a large international supermarket chain. It has many thousands of suppliers and many thousands of others competing for "shelf space" in its supermarkets.

Which of the following would be appropriate provisions for W plc to include in its Ethical Code in relation to its suppliers?

8. Which TWO of the following are reasons for a company to comply with the Committee of Sponsoring Organisations of the Treadway Commission 2017 Enterprise Risk Management Framework (COSO Framework)?

9. A Firewall is an element of a company's Information Technology infrastructure.

Which THREE of the following are characteristics of a Firewall?

10. In the purchasing department, the purchasing manager selects and approves all suppliers, as they are the only person with sufficient experience to do so. They use a very limited number of suppliers because they can rely on these suppliers to provide goods of the quality required at a competitive price. They do not keep any documents in relation to negotiations with other potential suppliers or other quotes obtained.

In relation to the above, which of the following statements are valid?


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