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1. Which THREE of the following would be considered as reasonable expectations of the mentoring process, for the mentee?

2. X is a manufacturing company that has achieved long term success by understanding the structure of its industry, and where necessary changing its strategy in order to achieve improved performance by outperforming its competitors.

Success has depended on the company exploiting the underlying economic factors (such as economies of scale) better than its competitors and maintaining this over time, so achieving sustainable competitive advantage.

Researchers would call this an "outside-in" approach to strategy, with the company choosing a strategy that responds to the challenges and changes posed by the external environment.

Which type of strategy is X adopting?

3. Barney (1991) identified four criteria necessary for a resource to be classed as unique and thus give competitive advantage. One of these is that it shouldn't be substitutable and another is that it should be rare.

Which TWO of the options below make up the list of four?

4. The concept of core competences is key to successful outsourcing strategy. Organisations should:

5. China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam are high context cultures.

In business relationships in high context cultures, which THREE of the following are typical?

6. H is the owner of a motorcycle dealership in Los Angeles which provides sales, repair and servicing of very large motorcycles, typically with engines larger than 1000cc. Over the years H has built up a renowned team of highly skilled technicians that are experts in this particular size of motorcycle. H believes that their skills are rare and difficult, if not impossible, to imitate by any competitor in the region.

Despite this advantage the company has been suffering from declining profits in the past three years and the marketing consultant has advised H to change the focus of the company towards small 50cc mopeds and scooters - because that "is clearly what the market is now wanting".

The change being proposed is:

7. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of a good audit system?

8. With reference to Herzberg's motivation-hygiene concept (two-factor theory) relating to employee motivation, which of the following is a correct interpretation of his findings?

9. An organisation undertakes a planned strategy and it is currently at the stage of completing a strategic analysis.

It has defined what it is seeking to achieve, identified the strengths and weaknesses of the company and has undertaken a corporate appraisal.

What stage of its strategic analysis has the organisation failed to carry out?

10. Mintzberg describes various forms of strategy and labels each form.

Which of the following options contains the correct matching of label with description?


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