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Which of the following approaches would BEST support the objective? - Exam4Training

Which of the following approaches would BEST support the objective?

A penetration tester is looking for a vulnerability that enables attackers to open doors via a specialized TCP service that is used for a physical access control system. The service exists on more than 100 different hosts, so the tester would like to automate the assessment.

Identification requires the penetration tester to:

✑ Have a full TCP connection

✑ Send a “hello” payload

✑ Walt for a response

✑ Send a string of characters longer than 16 bytes

Which of the following approaches would BEST support the objective?
A . Run nmap CPn CsV Cscript vuln <IP address>.
B . Employ an OpenVAS simple scan against the TCP port of the host.
C . Create a script in the Lua language and use it with NS
E . Perform a credentialed scan with Nessus.

Answer: D

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