Which JSON syntax is valid?

Which JSON syntax is valid?
A . {“switch”:”name”:”dist1″,”interfaces”:[“gig1″,”gig2″,”gig3”]}
B . {„switch‟:(„name‟:‟dist1′,‟interfaces‟:[„gig1′,‟gig2′,‟gig3‟])}
C . {“switch”:{“name”:”dist1″,”interfaces”:[“gig1″,”gig2″,”gig3”]}}
D . {/”switch/”:{/”name/”:”dist1″,/”interfaces/”:[“gig1″,”gig2″,”gig3”]}}

Answer: C


This JSON can be written as follows:


‘switch’: {

‘name’: ‘dist1’,

‘interfaces’: [‘gig1’, ‘gig2’, ‘gig3’]



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