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1. Which three functions require a Services Router (SR) component on an Edge node? (Choose three.)

2. What are two valid options when configuring the scope of a distributed firewall rule? (Choose two.)

3. A user is assigned these two roles in NSX Manager:

✑ LB Admin

✑ Network Engineer

What privileges does this user have in the system?

4. Which command is used to set the NSX Manager's logging-level to debug mode for troubleshooting?

5. Refer to the exhibit.

Which NAT type must the NSX-T Data Center administrator create on the Tier-0 or Tier-1 Gateway to allow Web VM to initiate communication with public networks?

6. An NSX administrator would like to configure syslog for a KVM transport node.

Which host log files could be exported to a remote syslog server?

7. Which two ports are used by a transport node to communicate with the management and control planes in NSX-T Data Center 3.0? (Choose two.)

8. An NSX administrator is using ping to check connectivity between VM1 running on ESXi1 to VM2 running on ESXi2. The ping tests fails. The administrator knows the maximum transmission unit size on the physical switch is 1600.

Which command does the administrator use to check the VMware kernel ports for tunnel end point communication?

9. An NSX administrator noticed that the nsxcli command times out after 600 secs of idle time.

Which CLI command disables the nsxcli time out value on NSX Manager?

10. Which is correct when deploying a NSX Edge in a KVM only environment?


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