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1. When considering the architecture of a clustered deployment of VMware vRealize Automation, which two components will require the configuration of an external load balancer? (Choose two.)

2. An administrator is tasked with creating cloud zones for an existing Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud account.

Which type of compute resource can be added to the cloud zone?

3. An administrator configures cloud accounts for vSphere, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Each public cloud account has a single region configured, with a single cloud zone associated with each. Company policy states that all development workloads should be deployed to the public cloud. The administrator wants to ensure that when creating blueprints for this project an appropriate constraint tag is specified to meet the placement policy and that App-Dev users are allowed to select whether to deploy the machine to production or development. The tagging strategy states that development environments should be tagged with “dev” and production environments should be tagged “prod”.

Which two actions should the administrator take to ensure the objective is met? (Choose two.)

4. What are two purposes of projects in vRealize Automation? (Choose two.)

5. Which vRealize Suite product helps an administrator understand the monetary impact of individual deployments and manage costs in vRealize Automation?

6. The CTO releases a new company policy stating that all workloads need to be managed through vRealize Automation (vRA) so that access to day 2 operations can be controlled centrally through a policy. Prior to this policy, the App-Dev team deployed all of their 300 development and test workloads within a single public cloud vendor.

The naming convention used for workloads is provided in the following table:

The App-Dev team needs to onboard all of the running development workloads into vRA and allocate them to the App-Dev project. The administrator creates a new Onboarding Plan and specifies the correct project and cloud account.

Which action should the administrator complete next to meet these requirements?

7. An administrator is configuring a cloud account for Microsoft Azure.

Which piece of information must the administrator provide in order to successfully add this cloud account?

8. An administrator is preparing for a proof-of-concept using vRealize Automation to demonstrate the value of self-service automation. Its development environment has limited resources due to other competing projects.

Which type of vRealize Automation deployment should the administrator use when deploying with the vRealize Easy Installer?

9. An administrator is building a blueprint to allow users to select a cloud type.

- The cloud type options are:

- Amazon Web Services vSphere

Where will the administrator configure capability tags so that the proper compute is selected at the time of deployment?

10. An administrator needs to create a new project for the development team.

Which vRealize Automation resource can be added to a project?


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