Vmware 5V0-91.20 VMware Carbon Black Portfolio Skills Online Training

Using Vmware Vmware 5V0-91.20 VMware Carbon Black Portfolio Skills Online Training you can pass the Vmware 5V0-91.20 exam easily. The first time you try to participate in VMware Carbon Black EndPoint Protection 2021 5V0-91.20 exam, selecting latest 5V0-91.20 VMware Carbon Black Portfolio Skills practice questions and answers will increase your confidence of passing the exam and will effectively help you pass the final Vmware 5V0-91.20 exam.

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1. An administrator wants to query the status of the firewall for all endpoints. The administrator will query the registry key found here HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesSharedAccessParameter sFirewallPolicy


To make the results easier to understand, the administrator wants to return either enabled or disabled for the results, rather than the value from the registry key.

Which SQL statement will rewrite the output based on a specific result set returned from the system?

2. An analyst navigates to the alerts page in Endpoint Standard and sees the following:

What does the yellow color represent on the left side of the row?

3. An Enterprise EDR administrator sees the process in the graphic on the Investigate page but does not see an alert for this process:

How can the administrator generate an alert for future hits against this watchlist?

4. An administrator runs multiple queries on tables and combines the results after the fact to correlate data. The administrator needs to combine rows from multiple tables based on data from a related column in each table.

Which SQL statement should be used to achieve this goal?

5. An administrator wants to allow files to run from a network share.

Which rule type should the administrator configure?

6. What are the three available methods in VMware Carbon Black App Control by which an endpoint (agent) can be assigned to a specific policy? (Choose three.)

7. Which Live Query statement is properly constructed?

8. An administrator has configured a policy to run a standard background scan.

How long does this one-time scan take to complete on endpoints assigned to that policy?

9. An analyst is investigating an alert within the Enterprise EDR console and needs to take action on it.

Which three actions are available to take on the alert? (Choose three.)

10. Review this EDR query:

childproc_name:whoami.exe AND childproc_name:hostname.exe AND childproc_name:tasklist.exe AND childproc_name:ipconfig.exe

Which process would show in the query results?


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