Network Appliance NS0-176 Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Implementation and Administration Online Training

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1. For a ‘boot from SAN’ configuration, which two features must be enabled? (Choose two)

2. A disaster occurred and both Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects must be replaced. You must restore the system from a "full state" backup.

Which two steps will accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

3. Which is a valid connectivity option for a FlexPod?

Note some of these may also be 'valid' options outside of a FlexPod architecture but do not specifically meet FlexPod scalability and availability requirements.

4. Which sends support summary information to NetApp through HTTPS?

5. Exhibit:

You have a NetApp cluster and have just performed a storage failover giveback command from the CLI.

Referring to the exhibit, what is the status of the storage failover process?

6. What management solution can provision all three components of a FlexPod (NetApp storage, Cisco UCS compute and Cisco Nexus network)?

7. Which management tool is used to configure and monitor centralized policies for multiple Cisco UCS domains?

8. Which two features allow multiple fabric logins through a single port? (Choose two.)

9. An administrator is configuring a Flexpod Datacenter solution. The UCS service profiles will use FCoE connectivity to the NetApp cluster.

Which pool is needed to configure the vHBA templates?

10. When connecting the Nexus 1110-X to the Nexus switch, what Spanning Tree port type is used?


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