Network Appliance NS0-509 NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer – SAN, ONTAP Online Training

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1. An administrator has an AFF A200 cluster at their primary site that is used for FC connectivity to servers. For disaster recovery purposes they want to start replicating their data to another AFF A3Q0 cluster In a secondary location. The AFF A300 is In a site that has no FC or FCoE capable switches, and is currently only used for CIFS data. A cluster peering relationship already exists between the two clusters.

Which three additional actions are needed for the data to be ready for access from hosts at the secondary site? (Choose three.)

2. Exhibit.

Referring to the exhibit, which type of zoning should be used?

3. Exhibit.

A customer has an AFF A200 with a LUN residing in a volume by Node 4. The default Selection Mapping settings are effect. During a planned takeover cluster test, Node 3 performs a take over of Node 4.

Referring to the exhibit, what is the expected number of paths seen from the host?

4. You have inherited a small FC SN infrastructure that consists of 15 servers (hosts), two Cisco MDS 9148s switches, and a 4-node NetApp AFF A300 cluster. You suspect that your predecessor did not configure zoning according to best practices.

In this scenario, what information is necessary to audit your SAN zoning? (Choose two.)

5. Exhibit.

A Linux host cannot discover a newly provisioned LUN.

Referring to the exhibit, what would be the cause of the problem?

6. Exhibit.

Referring to the exhibit.

What are two viable scenarios to test LUN multipathing on Host 1?

(Choose two.)

7. Which formula is appropriate for calculating target port Queue Depth?

8. When planning out a new FC SAN implementation for a AFF cluster, which two variables should be considered for a highly-available, resilient solution? (Choose two.)

9. Exhibit.

A customer is testing a dual-fabric FC SAN configuration as shown in the exhibit and the zones are implemented on the switches shown below.

If all the nodes are in the SLM reporting nodes list, hoe many path per LUN should the customer expect when simulating an FC SFP failure by bringing LIF_3 offline?

10. An administrator has a 2node AFF ONTAP cluster named cl1. A Windows 2016 server has 10 FC LUNs mapped from the cluster , and the administrator can multiple paths to each LUN, During a scheduled storage failover, node cl1-02 took over cl1-01, and Windows server lost connectivity to all mapped LUNs but reestablished connectivity after the giveback operation finished.

In the scenario, what would cause the LUN connectivity outage?

11. Exhibit.

Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

12. You want to provision an iSCSl LUN.

Which two steps are required to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

13. Which NetApp tool views automated, schedule configuration, and performance data for a customer's SAN from a Web browser?

14. A storage administrator created a LUN using two ports on a storage system. Later, additional LUNs were added to the same node as the original LUN. After a while, the performance of the original LUN dropped beyond an acceptable level.

What would you advise to remedy the Issue?

15. Which two scenarios in deploying ONTAP Cloud are supported by the Cloud Manager tool? (Choose two.)

16. An administrator is planning a hardware refresh and data migration from a Data ONTAP 7.3 system to new AFF A3-00 cluster that is using ONTAP 9.0. The Mode system only serves FC LUNs to a Windows 2012Rs server cluster that needs to remain connected after migration Referring to the scenario, which method would be used for the LUN migration.

17. Exhibit.

The VMware ESX host discovers only two of four paths to a LUN on a new ONTAP cluster.

Referring to the exhibit, which statement Is correct?

18. A customer wants to use both Cisco FC and FCoE switches in their ONTAP environment. According to NetApp best practices, what are two requirements in this scenario? (Choose two.)

19. You are provisioning a LUN using an ISCSI initiator on an ESX host. You disable Ethernet flow control for all ports but are experiencing

Performance issues.

In this scenario, which two actions would improve the performance issue? (Choose two.)

20. Exhibit.

You are adding a boot LUN for a new server. The server uses FCP attached through a CNA. The ONTAP cluster is also attached to the same fabric by way of UTA2. You configure the zoning for the fabric as shown in the exhibit. You discover that the server cannot see its boot LUN.

What is the problem with your zoning configuration?

21. An administrator needs to connect a new VMware 6.5 cluster to an ONTAP cluster for iSCSl connectivity.

Which two steps would accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

22. You will be purchasing two high availability NetApp AFF A700s systems. You want to set up a 4-node cluster.

Which switch would you use for the cluster interconnect switches?

23. What does the space allocation argument in a lun create command do?

24. An enterprise customer has both a NetApp FAS8200 4-node cluster and a third-party storage array in a shared SAN environment. The host servers connect to both storage vendors' arrays in the fabric.

Regarding (he hosts in this scenario, what are- two NetApp best practices when performing this task? (Choose two.)

25. Exhibit.

You are working on a project to install a new AFF A300 storage array. You use a pair of Nexus 3596 switches for FC connectivity between your VMware ESXi servers and the AFF A300.

Which SAN switch feature must be enabled to accomplish this task?

26. You ate deploying an 8-node FAS8200 ONTAP cluster and attaching to an existing FC fabric.

Which two ONTAP features would be used to restrict or limit the available paths seen from the host? (Choose two.)

27. A customer experiences intermittent connectivity problems between an ESXi server and FC LUNs in an SVM.The customer has examined the nodes hosting the LUNs and both the disk and CPU performance are below 50% utilization. The customer examined the switch ports connected to the storage array, and they ate also below 50% utilization.

Which two steps would you perform next in this scenario? (Choose two.)

28. Exhibit.

Referring to the exhibit, what is the total amount of space that is guaranteed for the LUNs in the /vo1/vo1_sanlunsiprod_03 volume?

29. Exhibit.

A customer is testing a dual-fabric FC SAN configuration as shown in the exhibit. The zones are implemented on the switches shown below.

IF all the nodes are in the SLM reporting nodes list, how many paths per LUN should the customer expect when simulating a node failure by powering off Node 04?

30. You have a 4-node cluster with a FAS8200 HA pair and an AFF A300 HA pair. You need to migrate a LUN from a FAS8200 node to an AFF A300 node for faster performance.

Which method will non-disruptively migrate the LUN to the AFF A300 while retaining snapshots of the LUN on the FAS8200?

31. Exhibit.

You need to configure the SnapCenter Plug-in for VMware vSphere to back up and restore VMware datastores.

Referring to the exhibit, which additional LIF type should you create before you configure the plug-in?

32. You are setting up FC ports and must configure the speeds for both the SAN and the host ports. In this scenario, which statement is correct?

33. Exhibit.

You want to map a LUN to a server.

To which SAN object is the highlighted value in the exhibit added?

34. You must relocate a LUN from one AFF A700 HA pair to another AFF A300 HA pair while preserving all storage efficiencies.

What are two ways to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

35. An SVM's LUN setup needs to have LIFs that are configured for FC access and iSCSI access. The administrator will also be using NetApp Virtual Storage Console.

In this scenario, which three types of LIFs are required? (Choose three.)

36. A customer's Red Hat Linux 7.0 server's Linux native DM-MP settings for multi pa thing have not been set correctly. In this scenario, what would cause this problem?

37. A4-node ONTAP FAS9000 cluster was used to serve I/O from six RedHat 7.3 servers. The servers were configured with maximum, queue depth.

For production purposes, an additional 60 similarly configured hosts were added to the environment. Later, the hosts started reporting random QFull errors, and the aggregated performance degraded.

Which two solutions would alleviate the QFull errors and performance problems? (Choose two.)

38. A customer wants to move its iSCSI SAN data from the edge locations into the cloud for data analytics, while keeping the ability to access modify the data.

Which two combined solutions meet the customer's requirements in this scenario? (Choose two.)

39. Add the AFF A700 HA pair to the reporting-nodes list.

What is the correct sequence in performing, these steps?

40. Which two components must be verified for a supported NetApp SAN confutation? (Choose two.)


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