Certification Provider: Microsoft
Exam Name: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
Exam Code: MB-210
Official Exam Time: 120 mins
Number of questions in the Official Exam: 40-60 Q&As
Latest update time in our database: February 04,2023
MB-210 Official Exam Topics:
  • Topic1 : Create and configure forms
  • Topic2 : Configure sales settings / Manage sales literature
  • Topic3 : Configure the business card scanner control / Configure email to lead processing
  • Topic4 : Configure sales dashboards / Configure and utilize the sales accelerator
  • Topic5 : Manage sequences / Evaluate Sales licensing
  • Topic6 : Describe use cases for email engagement / Describe how to interpret and improve relationship health
  • Topic7 : Configure lead qualification / Manage opportunities
  • Topic8 : Customize the Opportunity Close form / Manage sales by using the work list
  • Topic9 : Edit quotes in various stages / Send quotes to customers
  • Topic10 : Describe integration options with Microsoft ERP apps / Create and manage unit groups
  • Topic11 : Create and manage forecasts / Configure and use forecasts
  • Topic12 : Describe the forecast templates / Manage marketing lists
  • Topic13 : Create push notifications for the Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app /

How are they handled?

You need to determine how notes and attachments are handled in converted leads. How are they handled?A . moved to the account after the lead is qualifiedB . deleted after the lead is qualifiedC . stay with the inactive lead after the opportunity is qualifiedD . automatically moved to the opportunity after the lead...