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1. Which IBM group migrates data from a non-IBM storage array to an IBM DS8880 system?

2. A customer’s IBM DS8880 is connected to an IBM support center and experiences a heartbeat facility failure.

Which action occurs?

3. An IBM DS8880 customer is planning to purchase 1600 GB flash drives for a critical application. In the future, a secondary site will be implemented.

Which consideration should the storage specialist discuss with the customer?

4. Where is the information stored that shows if and when anyone has performed remote services on a storage system?

5. Which IBM DS8880 feature helps achieve faster response times to critical applications?

6. A customer has an IBM DS8884 volume with a 4% change rate per day and wants to copy changes to tape once a day.

Which function is the best solution?

7. A customer is looking for a FlashCopy solution for backup jobs where the target volumes are only needed for a short time.

Which FlashCopy option should the customer use?

8. A customer is requesting training for IBM Spectrum Control and assistance with creating custom reporting.

What should the technical specialist recommend?

9. Which function provides an IBM z/OS customer with a fully automated recovery solution?

10. Which feature in the IBM DS8880 requires an additional priced license?

11. A customer is purchasing an IBM DS8884 with all drives being the same size and speed. Only Windows hosts will be connected. This customer wishes to minimize storage administrator duties.

How can this be accomplished?

12. A healthcare customer uses SKLM as its key management system to protect patient data.

Which component is encrypted?

13. During a Technical and Delivery Assessment pre-sales review, a customer identifies a requirement to implement encryption with its new IBM DS8884 deployment.

Which planning requirement must be discussed as part of the checklist planning review?

14. How does the IBM DS8880 encryption process differ from other IBM storage devices?

15. A customer wants to do a model conversion from an IBM DS8870 to an IBM DS8886 and wants to reuse as much of the existing IBM DS8870 as possible.

Which IBM DS8870 parts can be reused?

16. What is unique about the Quality of Service (QoS) function within IBM DS8000 as compared to other IBM storage products?

17. During a Technical and Delivery Assessment pre-install review, a customer identifies a desire to implement Easy Tier within its new IBM DS8884 deployment.

Which planning requirement must be discussed as part of the checklist planning review?

18. Compared to other IBM storage systems, which data integrity technique is only available on the DS8880?

19. A customer has a mainframe running z/OS and Linux and wishes to use both an IBM DS8886 as well as IBM Spectrum Virtualize.

Which combination fulfills the customer requirements?

20. Which statement is true about the IBM XIV model 314 and the IBM DS8886?

21. How are the DS8880 license keys obtained?

22. The planned configuration for an IBM DS8884 is shown in Capacity Magic with the following values for physical and effective capacity.

The client wants to use overprovisioning intensively up to 350 TB logical capacity. All capacity shall be mirrored by Metro Mirror onto another IBM DS8000.

Which capacity has to be licensed for the Copy Services license considering license tiers?

23. A customer has mainframe storage and open systems storage on different storage platforms and would like to consolidate to a single storage system.

What should the technical specialist discuss with the customer about capacity volumes on a single IBM DS8886?

24. Which IBM DS8886 feature allows for local alert notifications?

25. Which feature should be added if the elevator in a customer’s data center is limited to 2000 lb (909kg)?

26. Which protocol supports Metro Mirror on an IBM DS8884 host adapter port?

27. A customer has the following requirements for effective capacity for a new IBM DS8886:

15 TB of z/OS effective capacity

100 TB of Open systems effective capacity

The customer will also FlashCopy 35 TB of the open systems capacity

The planned IBM DS8886 has 192 TB of physical capacity that splits into:

Physical capacity: 28.8 TB z/OS, 163.2 TB open systems

Effective capacity: 16.3 TB z/OS, 100.3 TB open systems

Which are the minimum license capacity requirements for this solution?

28. A customer has three data centers. One site is located 50 miles (80 km) from the primary center, and the third site is located 1200 miles (1931 km) from the primary center. The customer requires a consistent copy of all data at all three sites.

Which IBM DS8886 feature provides the solution for this customer?

29. How do the I/O enclosure connections to the POWER processors in the IBM DS8880 differ from the connections in the IBM Storwize V7000?

30. A customer wishes to optimize DB2 transactions to reduce TCO.

Which IBM DS8880 family optimizes DB2 log updates so they are written to the primary and secondary volumes in parallel?


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