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It is a great way to start your IT career by passing IBM C1000-055 exam. But the question is how to pass C1000-055 IBM QRadar SIEM V7.3.2 Deployment exam? Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while preparing for IBM Security Systems C1000-055 exam. Finding relevant and absolute IBM C1000-055 IBM QRadar SIEM V7.3.2 Deployment Online Training will help you a lot. It will broaden your mind in the preparation. Moreover, these IBM C1000-055 IBM QRadar SIEM V7.3.2 Deployment Online Training will helps you in understanding the real exam scenario.

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1. A client uses the IBM Security QRadar Vulnerability Manager to discover vulnerabilities on the network devices, applications, and software. They run the QRadar Vulnerability Manager from an All-in-one system, where the scanning and processing functions are on the Console. As the client's QRadar deployment is growing, they are also considering deploying scanners.

What is a valid client motivation for deploying additional scanners?

2. A deployment professional found the System Activity Reporting (SAR) notifications alert "Performance degradation was detected in the event pipeline. Expensive DSM extensions were found". From the Log Sources under date creation, it can be seen that a new DSM was installed by another team member today.

To troubleshoot this issue, what steps can the deployment professional take? (Choose two)

3. A customer is building a big data solution which aims to perform long term analysis of security data. Security events that are processed by QRadar are also relevant for the system and according to the QRadar administrator the most straightforward option for data ingestion is to configure event forwarding on QRadar. The customer would like to make use of QRadar's parsing capability and its built-in parsers instead of developing new parsers for the big data platform. A deployment professional is asked for advice about the data format to configure for the event forwarding.

Which available option should the deployment professional propose?

4. A deployment professional decides to improve visibility in the network and successfully installs the Flow Collector.

What should the deployment professional connect the Flow Collector to?

5. A deployment professional needs to configure the IBM QRadar systems so that data is forwarded to one or more vendor systems, such as ticketing or alerting systems.

Which event format options can the deployment professional use for forwarding destination configuration?

6. Some customers do not fully understand the benefits of using dedicated appliances to collect events and flows, complaining about the complexity of the deployments.

How should the deployment professional clarify any doubts that may arise?

7. A deployment professional sees that there are occasional spikes in the EPS (Events per second). The host has 1000 EPS allocated but the occasional spikes go up to 1185 EPS.

What happens with the events when they go over the allocated amount?

8. High availability (HA) has been configured for an event processor in a deployment. The end user gets the notification "Disk Usage Exceeded max Threshold" for the /store partition on primary host. The retention settings are "Delete data in this bucket: immediately after the retention period has expired".

What will be the behavior of the primary at this stage?

9. A deployment professional needs to configure the X-Force Threat Intelligence Feed through a web proxy to access the cloud servers hosting the information.

How should the deployment professional configure the proxy for this access?

10. A deployment professional is working on integrating an unsupported log source. The log source is able to send events in multiple formats. The administrators of the log source ask which event format should be configured.

Which event format should the deployment professional choose to be able to use direct parsing support in QRadar's DSM editor?


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