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1. Refer to the exhibit.

A customer has just configured a Posture Policy and the T 2 -Health check Service. Next they installed the OnGuard Agent on a test client connected to the Secure_Employee SSID. When they check Access Tracker they see many WEBAUTH requests are being triggered.

What could be the reason?

2. Your customer has read about a feature in OnGuard for OnGuard Persistent Agent and Agentless OnGuard that can display a new Posture Results web page to notify that and users with posture results for unhealthy clients after the health check is done.

Where do you configure this option?

3. A customer would like to allow only the AD users with the "Manager" title from the "HO" location to Onboard their personal devices. Any other AD users should not be authorized to pass beyond the initial device provisioning page .

Which Onboard service will you use to implement this requirement?

4. What configuration steps should you follow to add terms and conditions page on Guest seIf-registration for CPPM? (Select two).

5. Refer to the exhibit.

When creating a new report, there is in option to send report Notifications by Email Where is the email server configured?

6. Refer to the exhibit.

A customer it troubleshooting a client not getting the SHV posture updated and the OnGuard agent shows the Health Status Not Known .

What could the user do to update the health status?

7. A customer has acquired another company that has its own Active Directory infrastructure. The 802 1X PEAP authentication works with the customer's original Active Directory servers but the customer would like to authenticate users from the acquired company as well.

What steps are required, in regards to the Authentication Sources, in order to support this request? (Select two.)

8. You have designed a ClearPass solution for an Information Technology Business Park with 50,377 concurrent sessions including the visitors. The deployment includes eight ClearPass servers handling RADIUS authentication. Guest Self-Registration. Onboard and OnGuard. CPPM1 is acting as Publisher. CPPM2 to CPPM8 are added as subscriber nodes CPPM4 is the designated Standby Publisher. Servers CPPM2 and CPPM3 will be handling the Guest and Onboard HTTPS traffic. On a few devices, Corporate users will perform username and password based authentication with Active Directory accounts and on few devices, they will be using private CA signed TLS certificates to do the authentication The customer has three Active Directories (AD1, AD2 and A03) part of Multi-Domain Forest. To provide authentication redundancy, the customer has configured multiple Virtual IP settings between ClearPass servers in a cluster.

On all the Network Access Devices (NAD), the primary authentication server is configured as the VIP IP address and the secondary authentication server rs configured as CPPM1 MGMT IP address.

Based on the information provided, which ClearPass nodes will you join to the AD domain

9. Refer to the exhibit.

A customer has configured Onboard in a cluster with two nodes. All devices were onboarded in the network through node1 but those clients fail to authenticate through node2 with the error shown.

What steps would you suggest to make provisioning and authentication work across the entire cluster? (Select three)

10. The customer has a 19.940 loT devices connected to the network and would like to use Allow All Mac Auth to authenticate the users and enforce the action based on the condition defined with the fingerprint details of the device .

Which Authorization source would you use to decide the access of the devices?


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