HP HPE0-S54 Designing HPE Server Solutions Online Training

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1. While installing a three frame Synergy solution, only two of the frames are identified during the discovery process.

What should you do to get resolution?

2. What is required to enable Jitter Smoothing technology? (Choose two.)

3. A customer is using HPE Smart Update Manager (SUM) for firmware update. They plan to add 100 Gen10 ProLiant servers, and they are concerned about whether HPE SUM will be able to support this size of installation.

What other option could the customer use for firmware updates that has increased scalability?

4. A customer purchased HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers. The customer is transitioning from a physical to a virtual environment.

Which feature should be enabled to ensure that they get the optimal performance from their new servers?

5. You want to form a Synergy management ring.

Which component is required?

6. You need to demonstrate the runtime firmware verification scan functionality on a ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server. You find that the option is not available in the UEFI interface.

What is the most likely cause of the problem?

7. What is a benefit of NVMe technology?

8. A c7000 customer wants to expand their server environment. You want to encourage them to move to Synergy to prepare them for the future.

Which question should you ask?

9. Your customer is interested in Synergy and composable infrastructure. They are concerned that operational savings may not meet expectations since operating system installation consumes a great deal of time.

Which feature should you highlight to overcome the objection?

10. A customer plans to expand in the future to an HPE Synergy installation with SAS connectivity.

What should you explain to the customer regarding SAS connectivity?

11. You have a customer who has thousands of ProLiant servers spanning Gen8, Gen9, and Gen10 across multiple server models (Rack, Tower, Blade, Apollo), all licensed with iLO Advanced. The customer needs an effective way to inventory and update the firmware across the environment.

Which tool should you recommend?

12. Refer to the exhibit.

You are installing three Synergy frames for a customer PoC in the configuration shown. The composer is unable to discover the frames.

What is the most likely cause of the problem?

13. A customer has 10 HPE BladeSystem enclosures managed by HPE OneView. They want to add three HPE Synergy frames.

What is a proper procedure to manage a new HPE Synergy installation?

14. A customer needs a VDI solution. The amount of compute per U of rack space will be a key point in their solution selection.

Which HPE product would be an ideal solution as part of your RFP response?

15. What are features of the HPE Synergy Planning Tool? (Choose two.)

16. A customer needs a Synergy Proof of Concept (PoC) using Image Streamer.

What is the minimum number of Synergy frames needed for this PoC?

17. A customer has a ProLiant DL based Gen10 server solution hosting an I/O intensive 2TB database. The customer needs to dramatically increase the performance of their existing system.

Which solution will provide the maximum performance possible for their application?

18. A customer received their three frame Synergy system. However, they are missing a link cable that connects the frame link module between the frames.

Which type of cable do they need?

19. A customer needs a solution to support Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and database workloads.

Which Gen10 technology would optimize the environment for the customer?


Match each Synergy component with the description of the functionality it provides.

21. A customer recently purchased HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers, but finds that their application does not appear to benefit from the newest Xeon processors.

Which features should be configured in the BIOS to overcome the issue?

22. A financial customer has a remote office that requires a significant amount of computing resources, but has no local IT staff. They need simple and affordable management and disaster recovery of their site.

Which solution should you recommend to meet this customer’s needs?

23. A customer is installing multiple racks of DL380 Gen10 servers in a datacenter. They need to configure each one with identical BIOS settings.

Which tools are available to solve the situation? (Choose two.)

24. Your customer has completed a successful Synergy Proof of Concept (PoC) consisting of a single frame with dual composers and dual Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 modules.

The customer wants to:

- add a second frame before they move into production

- have unified management

- have a separate logical enclosure for each frame

What are the basic steps to add the second frame? (Choose three.)

25. A customer wants to implement a large Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct environment.

Which protocol should the customer use?

26. An environmentally sensitive customer has a data center that operates with fresh air cooling.

Which feature of HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers makes them suitable to operate in this environment?

27. Your customer is building out their own object-based storage solution. They initially developed the object store using DL380 Gen9 servers but are now looking for a solution that is purpose built to provide the additional storage.

Which solution should you recommend?

28. Which iLO 5 feature allows a customer to directly, physically connect to a ProLiant server to troubleshoot issues?

29. A customer needs a new high frequency trading cluster. Their current cluster has non-deterministic performance and undesirable latency. Because high frequency trades are extremely time-sensitive transactions, the customer cannot tolerate the microseconds of delay that can randomly occur on their current cluster.

Which iLO 5 Gen 10 feature can you propose to address this technical requirement?

30. During a presentation on Synergy fabric technology, a customer states that they would not purchase Virtual Connect modules because they would be paying for Fibre Channel technology that they have no intention of using.

How should you handle this objection?


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