Why do you get this error?

When using the Build Fact Data and Cube Command, the initial load fails with the following message in the log: InfoHRM.Girru.Components.InputProcessingException: Uncaught exception during input processing; Component=component "Parent Child Convertor Workforce __ Organizational Unit" (28) —> System.Exception: Duplicate id generated as 3631545_3639040_UNK_DIV. Here is the parent and child path for duplication – { LEVEL_1_ID=’3631545′ LEVEL_1_NAME=’ROMPETROL DOWNSTREAM’ LEVEL_2_ID=’3631545_3639040′ LEVEL_2_NAME=’Supply Chain’.

Why do you get this error?
A . The Organizational Unit structure does NOT link to employee records.
B. The Organizational Unit structure is unable to access the table.
C. The Data Factory has a database connection error.
D. The Organizational Unit structure has nodes with duplicate IDs/paths that is NOT supported in the Data Factory.

Answer: D

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