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Which two reasons can explain why the FortiAnalyzer feature panes do not appear? - Exam4Training

Which two reasons can explain why the FortiAnalyzer feature panes do not appear?

Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator logs into the FortiManager GUI and sees the panes shown in the exhibit.

Which two reasons can explain why the FortiAnalyzer feature panes do not appear? (Choose two.)
A . The administrator logged in using the unsecure protocol HTTP, so the view is restricted.
B . The administrator profile does not have full access privileges like the Super_User profile.
C . The administrator IP address is not a part of the trusted hosts configured on FortiManager interfaces.
D . FortiAnalyzer features are not enabled on FortiManager.

Answer: C,D

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  1. The administrator IP address is not a part of the trusted hosts configured on FortiManager interfaces.

    This is a valid answer ??? How can a user connected with an IP not listed in the trusted hosts can …login????

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