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When the installation operation is performed, which IP/Netmask will be installed on managed devices for this firewall address object? - Exam4Training

When the installation operation is performed, which IP/Netmask will be installed on managed devices for this firewall address object?

Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator has created a firewall address object which is used in multiple policy packages for multiple FortiGate devices in an ADOM.

When the installation operation is performed, which IP/Netmask will be installed on managed devices for this firewall address object?
A . on Remote-FortiGate
B . on Remote-FortiGate
C . If no dynamic mapping is defined for other FortiGate devices, the object will not be installed
D . The FortiManager administrator can choose the value for the firewall address object in the Install Wizard for Remote-FortiGate

Answer: B

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