Which solution should be recommended to this client?

A client has a heterogeneous storage environment. The task is to simplify the management of the existing storage infrastructure.

Which solution should be recommended to this client?
A . IBM Spectrum Protect
B . IBM SAN Volume Controller
D . IBM Cloud Object Storage

Answer: B


IBM Software Defined Storage explained;

If you want to protect your data use Spectrum virtualize (SVC) for replication between multiple sites.

If you want to virtualize your data use Spectrum Scale (GPFS) with global namespace.

If you need scalability use Spectrum Archive (LTFS) or spectrum Accelerate (XIV as software)

If you want to archive your data use or Spectrum Protect (TSM Archive).

If you want to accelerate your back-up and restore use Spectrum protect.

And if you don’t know use Spectrum Control (TPC + FCM).

SAN Volume Controller (SVC) allows companies to add advanced storage virtualization functions, complete with a single point of control.

The IBM XIV Storage System is a disk storage server. The system is a collection of modules, each of which is an independent computer with its own memory, interconnections, disk drives, and other subcomponents, laid out in a grid and connected together in parallel using either InfiniBand (third generation systems) or Ethernet (second generation systems) connections. Each module has an x86 CPU and runs a software platform consisting largely of a modified Linux kernel and other open source software.

(COS) a Highly scalable software-defined on-premises storage system designed to store, protect and easily access unstructured data.

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