Which solution must the architect choose?

An architect must create a QoS solution for a customer to ensure that a 40 Mbps Internet connection is shared between four subnets based on these requirements:

* Each subnet must receive no less than 10 Mbps of download bandwidth during peak traffic times.

* A subnet can use up to 40 Mbps during nonpeak traffic times if the other subnets are idle.

* Download traffic must never experience a delay.

Which solution must the architect choose?
A . rate-limiting and shaping
B. bandwidth percentage and policing
C. shaping and policing
D. bandwidth percentage and rate-limiting

Answer: B


"Download traffic must never experience a delay."

This means we shouldn’t be using Shaping at any point (since that puts packets into a buffer and sends them out later on when congestion has been reduced)

Also: "Rate-limiting" is a bigger term and under it we have 2 things: "Policing" and "Shaping"

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