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1. Which function are fabric intermediate nodes responsible for in an SD-Access Architecture?

2. Which two routing protocols allow for unequal cost load balancing? (Choose two.)

3. Which two statements about VRRP advertisements are true? (Choose two.)

4. A company with multiple service providers wants to speed up BGP convergence time in the event a failure occurs with their primary link.

Which approach achieves this goal and does not impact router CPU utilization?

5. An engineer is designing an EIGRP network for a small branch site where there is only one Layer 3 router. The engineer wants the router to advertise the local LAN network to remote EIGRP neighbors without sending any unnecessary multicast messages on the local LAN.

Which action should the engineer take?

6. Which two BGP features will result in successful route exchanges between eBGP neighbors sharing the same AS number? (Choose two.)

7. A company is running BGP on a single router, which has two connections to the same ISP.

Which BGP feature ensures traffic is load balanced across the two links to the ISP?

8. What is the purpose of an edge node in an SD-Access network fabric?

9. An engineer is working with NETCONF and Cisco NX-OS based devices. The engineer needs a YANG model that supports a specific feature relevant only to Cisco NX-OS.

Which model must the engineer choose?

10. A branch office has a primary L3VPN MPLS connection back to the main office and an IPSEC VPN tunnel that serves as backup.

Which design ensures that data is sent over the backup connection only if the primary MPLS circuit is down?


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