Which Group Policy setting should you configure?

Your network contains a file server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2012 R2. All client computers run Windows 8.1. You need to ensure that when users are connected to the network, they always use local offline files that are cached from Server1.

Which Group Policy setting should you configure?

A. Configure slow-link mode.

B. Configure Slow link speed

C. Enable file synchronization on costed networks

D. Turn on economical application of administratively assigned Offline Files.

Answer: A


A. Offline Files to provide faster access to cached files and redirected folders.

B. Defines a slow connection for purposes of Applying and updating Group Policy.

C. automatically tracks roaming and bandwidth usage limits while on metered connections

D. Lists network files and folders that are always available for offline use. This policy makes the specified files and folders available offline to users of the computer. When Offline Files is operating in the slow-link mode, all network file requests are satisfied from the OfflineFiles cache. This is similar to a user working offline. If you enable this policy setting, Offline Files uses the slow-link mode if the network throughput between the client and the server is below (slower than) the Throughput threshold parameter, or if the round-trip network latency is above (slower than) the Latency threshold parameter.

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