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What will happen when the developer uploads the bundle com.custom.package.b into the system? - Exam4Training

What will happen when the developer uploads the bundle com.custom.package.b into the system?

A developer is creating a new OSGi bundle com.custom.package.b to expose new services.

com.custom.package.a is already installed and active in the system and has the following package definition:

The system console shows the following package availability:

Bundle com.custom.package.b to be installed has the following packagedefinition:

What will happen when the developer uploads the bundle com.custom.package.b into the system?
A . The bundle will install but fail the activation due to unsatisfied dependencies com.sample.package.b and com.sample.package.c.
B . The bundle willinstall but fail the activation due to unsatisfied dependency com.sample.package.c.
C . The bundle will install and activate successfully.
D . The bundle will install but fail the activation due to unsatisfied dependency com.sample.package.b.

Answer: A

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