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Adobe AD0-E116 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer Expert Online Training - Exam4Training

Adobe AD0-E116 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer Expert Online Training

Exam4Training have all the questions that you need to help you study for the Adobe AD0-E116. They will give you the all the required material too so that you won’t have to struggle to get what you need. The Adobe AD0-E116 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer Expert Online Training contain the exam material and content gathered by Adobe professional experts.The updated and proficient Adobe Experience Manager AD0-E116 exam content ensures your success in AD0-E116 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer Expert Exam in the first attempt.

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1. How should a developer configure the replication agent to flush the dispatcher cache for a newlyactivated page?

2. An AEM site experiences slower page loads. A developer needs to identify the slow running requests.

How should a developer analyze the requests with long response times?

3. A developer has acomponent located under the path /apps. This component has a Client Library which is directly loaded onto a page. The publish instance loads the page correctly. The dispatcher also loads the page but the Client Library is missing.

How should the developerresolve this issue, while taking security into consideration?

4. A developer is creating a new OSGi bundle com.custom.package.b to expose new services.

com.custom.package.a is already installed and active in the system and has the following package definition:

The system console shows the following package availability:

Bundle com.custom.package.b to be installed has the following packagedefinition:

What will happen when the developer uploads the bundle com.custom.package.b into the system?

5. Sensitive information is automatically decrypted using the CryptoSupport OSGi service before the value is returned

6. Two AEM publish instances feed a single Dispatcher.

Which part of the Dispatcher configuration should a developer review to ensure both AEM publish instances are used?

7. A custom AEM application has a run time dependency to a third party OSGi bundle that is NOT included in out-of-the-box AEM. The third party dependency needs to be available for multiple applications and be upgraded separately from the custom AEM application.

How should a developer make sure that the bundle is installed on all environments?

8. Too many pages are invalidated in the dispatcher cache when a page is published.

What is most likely causing this issue in the dispatcher configuration?

9. A custom application contains a service component com.proj.ServiceComponent. A developer needs to configure the string value name and integer value intVal. The actualconfiguration must be deployed using a content package.

What should the developer do to meet these requirements?

10. A developer needs an existing workflow to run only when pages are created under a certain folder.

What should the developer create to achieve this?


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