What should you use?

You plan to migrate data to Azure.

The IT department at your company identifies the following requirements:

✑ The storage must support 1 PB of data.

✑ The data must be stored in blob storage.

✑ The storage must support three levels of subfolders.

✑ The storage must support access control lists (ACLs).

You need to meet the requirements.

What should you use?
A . a premium storage account that is configured for block blobs
B. a general purpose v2 storage account that has hierarchical namespace enabled
C. a premium storage account that is configured for page blobs
D. a premium storage account that is configured for files shares and supports large file shares

Answer: B


Microsoft recommends that you use a GPv2 storage account for most scenarios. It supports up to 5 PB, and blob storage including Data Lake storage.

Note: A key mechanism that allows Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 to provide file system performance at object storage scale and prices is the addition of a hierarchical namespace. This allows the collection of objects/files within an account to be organized into a hierarchy of directories and nested subdirectories in the same way that the file system on your computer is organized. With a hierarchical namespace enabled, a storage account becomes capable of providing the scalability and cost-effectiveness of object storage, with file system semantics that are familiar to analytics engines and frameworks.




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