What should you do?

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Your network contains a single Active Directory domain. The domain contains a VPN server that supports all of the VPN protocols.

You have mobile devices that run Windows 10 and have VPN connection to the VPN server.

You need to ensure that when users work remotely and Connect to the VPN, only traffic for the corporate network is sent through the VPN server.

What should you do?
A . Click Turn on password protected sharing.
B . Disable Network Discovery.
C . Modify the Profile settings of an incoming firewall rule.
D . Run the Add-VpnConnectionTriggerApplication cmdlet.
E . Run the New-NetFirewallRule cmdlet and specify the-Direction Outbound parameter.
F . Run the New-VpnConnection cmdlet.
G . Run the Set-NetConnectionProfile cmdlet.
H . Run the Set-VPNConnection cmdlet.

Answer: H



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