What is the first step of the problem-solving workshop?

What is the first step of the problem-solving workshop?
A . Perform a root-cause analysis
B . Agree on the problem to solve
C . Restate the new problem for the biggest root cause
D . Identify the biggest root cause

Answer: B


The first step of the problem-solving workshop is to agree on the problem to solve. This step is important because it helps the teams to clearly state the problem, highlight the what, where, when, and impact of the problem, and avoid addressing the symptoms instead of the root causes. By agreeing on the problem to solve, the teams can focus their investigation and analysis, and save time and effort. The problem statement should be succinct and specific, and should not include any assumptions or solutions.

Reference: Inspect and Adapt – Scaled Agile Framework

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The Sun Never Sets on the Problem-Solving Workshop

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